Addiction is normally an uncontrollable urge to engage in behaviours that can be physically, mentally, socially and financially harmful to them and others around them. Addiction can include the following:- medication, other substances, extreme sport, gambling, sex, pornography, foods, self-harm, exercise, shopping and playing videos games. 
Alcohol and Other Substance 
Alcohol is the most common source of addiction in the world due to the availability of it in society. Alcohol has been associated with coping with life negative triggers like most addiction.  
Generally, the dependency rates are normally higher amongst men. Regarding other substances, it is also possible to become quite dependent on over the counter medication as well as illegal drugs too. Drug dependency can result in alienation from friends and loved ones. Once the body becomes addicted to a drug, it can be extremely hard to stop. This can also lead to unemployment, criminality and ill health. Health wises, you may experience pains, temperature and headaches as well as other symptoms. 
They can get high from placing a bet on something or someone to create a short term distraction from the problem which quickly dissipate and must be repeated over and over again to maintain that distraction. 
Social media 
It is hard to draw the line, when it comes to the uses of social media and the World Wide Web. However, social media has become very compelling over the last 20 years, due to the impact of wanting to learn and understanding more information. Sometimes, this can affect our sleeping patterns and normal social interactions in or outside our homes or work environment. This may be the time to look at whether you have an addiction. 
Excessive Exercise 
Excessive exercise is very common among men at all ages. Perhaps this is due to increasing social media pressures on men to have the ideal body. Sometimes, exercise can be used as a form of control or vanity. It can take over a your life, at the expense of family life, relationships, or work. 
Eating Disorder 
Eating Disorder is normally the way of coping with uncomfortable emotions triggered, amongst other things, difficult or distressing, overwhelming pressure and low self-esteem. Controlling eating and weight gain gives the sufferer a goal that takes them away from reality and problems in their daily life. Eating disorders are not diets that have gotten out of control, but normally a cry for help. 

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