Physical Pain 
Experience of chronic or persistent pain is not just the result of the underlying physiological cause but can be a combination of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that accompany the physical pain. This can then explain why only treating the physical pain for example with tablets does not bring mental relief. 
Terminal illness 
If a person has been diagnosed with cancer or terminal illness, this can present them with a multitude of emotional challenges that are sometimes not easy to overcome, when we are faced with such devastating news. Counselling can provide these people and their families, with the opportunity to receive much needed emotional support, during this process. 
Self-harm can lead a person to injury themselves in some way. There are normally two types of self-harm. The first normally involves an episode where the individual will hurt themselves by cutting, burning, hitting or even a suicidal act. The second type can be ongoing mistreatment that has become part of a daily routine for example addiction abuse like alcohol/drug-taking or eating disorders. 
Sleep Problems 
A Sleep Problem can be a chronic inability to sleep normally, this normally more common in women and in older adults. 
Sleep problems can include insomnia, sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome and sleepwalking. Sleep problems can be closely connected to mental health issues, for example, people who experience negative feelings or thoughts tend to have less sleep, which results in tiredness and subsequent difficulty coping with day to day life. This then lead to very low self-esteem. 
Abuse can be in many forms: self-harm, physical violence, sexual, emotional and psychological and it can affect men, women and children. Each victim may experience a varying degree of abuse, but all abuse has a devastating effect on the victim's mental health. 
Sexual abuse victims 
Sexual assault is a criminal act, which can cause physical and psychological traumatic emotions in someone. This can be committed against men, women and people from the LGBT community. The effects of this can have a devastating result on their lives. Not only the victim but also family and friends of the victim and perpetrator. 
Survivors of Childhood Abuse 
The impact of childhood abuse can vary in teenagers and adulthood, but normally difficulty often emerges around trust issues, communication, and intimacy. These challenges can influence our relationships between our partners, family and friends of the survivor. 
Becoming a parent is a major transition into adulthood for men and women. The stresses of not being able to experience this event have been associated with many psychological difficulties like depression, anger, anxiety, relationship issues, sexual problems and social isolation. 
Miscarriage sadly affects one in three pregnancies. Most females who have had two or more children may have experienced at least one miscarriage. 
Whether your miscarriage was during the initial weeks of pregnancy or much later on, coping with a miscarriage can cause feelings of anxiety, stress and depression within both parents and wider family. 
Bereavement & Grief 
For most of us, bereavement will be the most distressful experience we may ever face. The passing of a significant other is a devastating situation and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Grief is a very natural and necessary process after following the death of a loved one. However, sometimes the loss of an animal or object can result in a very similar situation. 
One thing that we all experience in grief is a desire to feel better about the passing of a loved one and to reach a stage of acceptance that allows us to reconnect with our own lives and feel more positive about the passing of our loved ones. 
The journey through grief can bring many emotional responses and sometimes the love and patience of friends and family is not enough. You can be left with an overwhelming aura of feeling hopeless and helpless, which are then connected to pain, anger, guilt, shock, depression and yearning for that person. 

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