Our relationships can provide us with a sense of balance, peace and emotional wellbeing. If these are compromised, it can hurt every part of our lives. 
You may be finding it increasingly difficult to talk to each other, maybe you cannot agree on anything and are constantly bickering and arguing. 
Maybe you are finding it difficult to trust each other or just feel that there is no longer any warmth or closeness in your relationship. Maybe you have children and are concerned about the impact that it will have on them. 
Couples Counselling 
Couples wanting to resolve their problems can recapture and improve their relationship by receiving counselling to rebuild the love and trust that did exist in the first place. 
Being a carer for someone in the community and especially for a family member can be both physically and emotionally demanding to that individual. Often this can mean that carers need support for themselves, in the form of therapy, so they can continue to provide care to their love ones. 
This makes adolescence and early adulthood a commonplace for the arrival of mental health matters including the following i.e. anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm and addiction. Therapy can help them to deal with many challenges around their mental health problems. 
As parents, we are the architects of our children's personalities and the single biggest influence in their lives. Having a child is a responsibility for which we receive no training and more often than not little guidance and support. 
Family dynamics can have a pivotal role in the relationships of the various individuals in a family unit, concerning happiness or distress. Often it is not sufficient to just focus on one or few individual members of a family i.e. a teenager who is struggling with a particular type of emotion like anxieties or behavioural problem, for example, mental health issues, self-harm, bullying or various abuses. 
Group Counselling 
Group counselling is normally facilitated by a therapist who will then provide support and direction of the subject matter to the clientele for better understanding. Group therapy can promote knowledge and helpful feedback for the group as a whole, who are there to reach similar goals and better social communication. 

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